Here are some tools that you might consider using for your project. Each one has an example with it.

NOTE: All of these sites require you to sign up using an email address.

VoicethreadThis tool allows you to show pictures and record your voice to create a "show" for your report.
Example: Women's Suffrage Click the arrow at the bottom of the screen to view
GoAnimate Create a cartoon character or characters to tell your story.
Example: Abolitionist Movement
Prezi Make a giant poster online, then add zooming to showcase your information
Example: Education Reform Movement Hover over "more" at the bottom of the picture and choose "Autoplay"
Glogster Make a giant poster online. Put in links to go to your source material or other supporting resources.
Example: Civil Rights Move your mouse around, scroll down, and click
Zooburst Make a pop-up book with text and pictures
Example: Education
iMovie/Teacher Tube: Civil Rights

Wikispaces Create a wiki like this one to report your information.