Pre-search: Getting a Bird's Eye View

birds-eye-view.jpgBefore you decide on a topic, you need to do some pre-searching to figure out what you're interested in.

In pre-search, you will read about different subjects in different resources, look at pictures, talk to others and generally get a feel for what topic interests you. Because you are just gathering general information, you will not need to do citations for the material you read or view at this point.

In the pre-search portion of the project, you don't need to read in depth. You should skim over articles, consider what you've already learned in history, and think about what interests you. You will be looking at information from a "zoomed out" point of view, just to get a general idea about the information.

You will have 1 day in the library and 2 evenings to complete this portion of the project. The deliverable for this part of the project is a written paragraph about the topic that you will research.

Some resources that will be valuable to you at this point in your research are:

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