Nativists (Anti-Immigrant Movement)

philadelphia_nativist_riot_.jpg"In the mid-1840s, the United States witnessed a sudden increase in the number of immigrants from Europe, particularly from Germany and Ireland...The Irish immigrants in particular were overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, the Christian church headed by the pope in Rome, Italy. The arrival of the Irish immigrants in eastern cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia marked the first significant number of Catholics in a country that previously had been primarily Protestant. This sudden inflow of immigrants sparked a sharp reaction among some Americans, who feared that the character of the United States might change dramatically if large numbers of Catholics became citizens. The result was an anti-immigrant movement called the Know Nothings, so called because members of the variety of organizations that constituted the movement customarily replied "I know nothing" when asked about their association."

"'A Know Nothing' (Anonymous)." U.S. Immigration and Migration Reference Library. Ed. Lawrence W. Baker, et al. Vol. 5: Primary Sources. Detroit: UXL, 2004. 40-55. Gale U.S. History In Context. Web. 1 Feb. 2011.

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