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"There was no one distinct medical reform movement --but several separate efforts at reform in the field of people with disabilties --Dorthea Dix for the mentally ill; Thomas Gallaudet for the deaf; Samuel G. Howe --Perkins School for the blind. Real reform in the fields of American medicine did not take place until around the time of the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918 --obviously it was a major incentive for the improvement of the training regimen of Medical Doctors --most of whom had little more than a High School diploma and attended poorly financed, ill-equipped medical schools during this era of our history."

Mr. John McVay

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Progressive Movement - This website is a great overview of the time when most reform movements took place. It will help you understand the context of the movements and also give you some insight into their success or failure. A great place to get some ideas for icons to use. (Note the orange tabs at the top which have links to useful information.)

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Excellent source available from Mr. McVay
Encyclopedia Americana, Vol. 18 (1984)

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