Conservation Movement

John Muir
"Between 1850 and 1920, concern for the natural world emerged as a complex and broadly popular political and cultural movement in the United States. Newly urbanized Americans were becomingly increasingly aware of the importance of nature as an economic, aesthetic, and spiritual resource, especially as they became convinced that nature's resources were imperiled by industrialization. This movement led to unprecedented public and private initiatives to ensure the conservation of natural resources and the preservation of wildlife and of land. By the turn of the twentieth century, Wisconsin had become a center of conservation thinking and activity in the United States. "

Here's a link to a great resource about the settling of the West. The Conservation Movement is associated with this. (Notice the orange tabs across the top that link to many page of great information.)

Progressive Movement - This website is a great overview of the time when most reform movements took place. It will help you understand the context of the movements and also give you some insight into their success or failure. A great place to get some ideas for icons to use. (Note the orange tabs at the top which have links to useful information.)

Key terms to guide your search:
  • National Parks
  • Antiquities Act
  • environmentalism
  • Endangered Species Act
  • Silent Spring / Rachel Carson
  • Sierra Club

Other sources to try: