bibliography.pngAs you know, you must create a citation for every resource that you use to create your project and write your paper. It's very important that you do this as you go rather than wait until the end. This will help to ensure that you get it done.

Citations are complicated because there are so many different formats for different types of resources. The good news is that there are now online tools that can help you with this.

Use the following information to help you figure out what information you need based on the type of resource you're using, then go to EasyBib to create your actual citation. Once you've created the citation, you should open a Word document, title it Bibliography, and then paste your citation into it.

Book: Title, Author, Publisher, Publication city, Copyright date
  • Note: If you're using EasyBib, you can enter the ISBN (10 or 13 digit number found on the price bar code or the back of the title page) to see if it can automatically retrieve information for you.

Electronic Database: Somewhere on the page there will be a source citation. Copy this information and paste it into a Word document.

Website: Article title, Author(s)/Contributor(s), Website title, Publisher/Sponsor, URL, Date electronically published, Date accessed

Information from a website can be difficult to find. Use this diagram as a guide to locating the information you need for the citation.