Abolitionist Movement

"Abolition is the goal of abolishing, or
Anti-Abolitionist Handbill
eliminating, slavery . There were two significant eras of abolition in the United States. The early movement took place between 1770 and 1830 and focused on eliminating the African slave trade. Abolitionists of this early era assumed that prohibiting the importation of slaves from other countries would eventually result in eliminating slavery altogether. Thus, when the United States prohibited the foreign slave trade in 1808, many early abolitionists lost interest in the abolitionist cause. A second phase of the abolition movement—the “new abolitionism”—began in the 1830s and continued until the American Civil War ended in 1865."

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Reconstruction Era - Although the Reconstruction Era is after this movement, it's an important idea that you can use to help answer the question of whether your movement was a success or failure. This link is a GREAT resource with a lot of information about Reconstruction. (Notice that there are a lot of orange tabs across the top that lead you to important pages of information.)

Key terms to guide your research:
  • Compromise of 1850
  • Underground railroad
  • 13th Amendment
  • Missouri Compromise
  • American Anti-slavery Society
  • Fugitive Slave Laws

Other sources to try: